Sword Notes

Why the name Sword Notes?  The sword is listed as a part of the armor of God, which is discussed in Ephesians 6:10-20.  More specifically in Ephesians 6:17: "Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.” (NIV).  The Word of God is the sword of the Spirit.  When we grasp it, His illuminating power will flood our being.  So, this site contains many quoted and footnoted referenced biblical commentary notes from a variety of sources (books, websites, magazines, songs, sermons, etc), helping to provide additional context and understanding of God’s Word.

What is the purpose of this website?   This is a website is an accumulation of the website developer’s notes, which are mostly excerpts from some of the many sources read by the developer.  Putting them on the web allows the developer to access them from anywhere that has a web connection.  So, this website serves as a resource for study of God’s Word and commentary from various sources, as well as provide references for study, outside of this website.  Nothing is sold on this website or no monetary contributions are sought. In the Spirit of the Great Commission, I do ask that if you find this website to be helpful to you in your spiritual maturity journey, that you tell others, so that we can all participate in the Great Commission, helping others find, explore, accept Jesus and live the Word of God.  I also have formatted the site so it can be viewed on phone and tablet screens so that it can be viewed from most anywhere one can get to the internet.  Not everyone can afford a computer, but many people around the world now have phones that they can use to get to the information on this website.

Why was this resource produced?  It was produced to capture some of the excerpts from resources that the site developer has noted in his studies that he thought might be useful for himself, and a few friends. To get the most out of this resource, resource references to the original resource are provided so one can continue deeper research using the resource itself to gain more context.  This can be found under the “Other Resources” tab above.  I highly encourage readers, that if they find the material from a particular author to be of great value, to go purchase the author’s book and help compensate them for all the hard work and life poured into creating the book.  You can purchase these books for yourself and build your own library.  Just go look under the “Other Resources” tab above and click on Resources used on this website link and most all resources have a link to their book which you can purchase.  I derive no income from the sale of these books.  My purpose as mentioned above is to participate in the Great Commission and to promote the great work of these authors, who themselves produce great commentary on the Bible, which has helped me in my spiritual journey.

How do I use this resource?  This site is arranged by topic, allowing you to read research and commentary about that topic.  Many of the topics have links to the Bible verse or verses from which the material originated, allowing you to link back to God’s Word.  Since much of the material came from Bible commentaries, daily devotionals and other Christian faith based books that I have read, it provides useful background and insights behind God’s Word.  I found this to be easier than trying to find a Bible verse about a particular topic and then find commentary, as most people may not have access to the different commentaries or the time to do the research themselves.  

A quick way to see what is on the site is the Site Map listed under “Other Resources.”  This in one look gives you the outline version with hyperlinks where you can jump around and explore topics that I have researched.

Also provided at the top left of each page are links to some popular devotional feeds.  And if that devotional feed is not your cup of tea, there is a link to more devotionals listed under the “Other Resources" tab.  Devotionals open in their own window leaving a tab for this website open so you can more easily return to this site.  And you can add the Devotional reference page to your favorites and able to return daily for a number of devotional readings.

The topics were of my own choosing, but I am open to other topics if you want to leave a suggestion in the suggestion link provided.  I would like to get your feedback on ways to improve the site. Also, please drop me a note using the “Contact Form” link above if you feel this site is helpful to you.  It provides encouragement for me to continue adding more topics and information to the website, which in turn, wil be helpful to you and others.  Also provided at the bottom right of most all pages on the site are links to Facebook likes or Pinterest or Google+ to share the site with friends.  Sharing your faith is something we all need to aspire to doing.