Bible Software

There are some very good biblical software and tools out there.  I have only used two different biblical software programs.  I wanted the ability to take my bible with me on my phone and iPad.  Listed below are some of the features of the two programs that I have used, along with a few other software tools that I find helpful:  

Laridian Bible Software:

Since I started with Blackberry device in 2001and migrated to a Windows CE platform, I started using the Laridian software product.  And one good thing is if you buy their software and migrate to the latest and greatest operating system, they will allow all your purchases to transfer to the new operating system at no additional charge.  This means that you have an account there forever and you don’t loose all the purchases you have made and can change devices without worry.  The Laridian software product can be found here: . Their software covers most all pocket device operating platforms (iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Windows Mobile, Android, Blackberry, Palm OS, Windows PC, Mac OSx ).  You can buy Bibles, devotionals, commentaries, Bible dictionaries, books, and they offer bundles to help you keep costs down.  They have a fairly wide variety of books and commentaries to draw from.  And their service is first rate.  And everything synchs up between operating systems and devices, so if you highlight something in one, it shows up on all your devices and desktop.You can also create your own commentaries, dictionaries, devotionals, and other reference titles.  

Olive Tree Bible Software

I was changing to an iPhone and decided to look at my options for Bible Study software and came across Olive Tree Bible software.  The site for this software is found here: .  Olive Tree software also synchs across all platforms.  It has all the features of the Laridian product, except making your own commentary.  But more on that in a moment.  

Olive Tree seemed to have a larger library of book titles (their website says thousands, including Bibles, commentaries, devotionals, maps, & books) that you can add to the software.  One HUGE feature that I found with Olive Tree that made this sotware indispensible  was the fact that with most of the commentaries, their software when reading a Bible, automatically scychs with you wherever you are in the Bible, even if you switch Bible versions.  So, I can be in the NIV, and be in one commentary and switch over to the ESV and the commentary is synching along with me.  If I open a differnt commentary, it opens where I am in the Bible that I am referencing.  

I usually use it split screen on all my operating platforms, which allows me to have the Bible I am reading open and the resource guide in the other screen, open to whatever resource I want to use (commentary, dictionary, Hebrew or Greek translation).  Most of the commentaries also have links to the bible verse they reference, allowing a pop up window with the Bible verse). To me this is like sitting in a library, with your Bible open to a verse and have as many commentaries (or Bible dictionaries or Greek or Hebrew translations as you can afford) all synched up and open for you to thorough research any part of the Bible.  This is great for deep Bible study, preparing sermons, Sunday school class preparation, Bible study small group preparation or just for individual Bible study and growth.  Most of what is on this web site is from the Olive Tree software.

Other features are that you can highlight in Bibles, commentaries, with tagging capabilities, even allowing you to create your own tag categories.  It also has bookmarking capability, with the same categorizing ability, where you can also create your own categories.  This very flexible ability allows referencing back to any tagged category very easy.  There is also note taking ability, where notes are embedded in whatever resource you are in, allowing you to create your own study Bible notes.  And these can also be categorized.  There are also Bible reading plans built into the software, which you can chose your plan and it tracks where you are and takes you back where you left off.  And remember, this synchs across all platforms, meaning that all the work you did on you desktop computer is now on your phone or iPad ready for reference.  

To me, while there is nothing that can replace about having a real Bible with the Word of God in my hands, it is a whole different thought altogether that I can now carry a full Bible library, with all my notes, maps, highlights and bookmarks (in all the Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries & books) on my iPad or phone.  It gives a whole new meaning to Bible belt, as now I can carry my Bible on my belt or in my pocket, ready to be read during any downtime.  If it is good enough for John Piper and other pastors to use, it certainly is good enough for me. There is now longer the excuse that I don’t have time to read the Bible.  God’s Word is readily accessible wherever I have my phone, which for most of us is during our waking hours. Another feature is that once on your portable device, it doesn’t use the internet or use bandwidth, since the resources are downloaded to your device.  While this may occupy more room on your device, it reduces the cost of using precious data bandwidth that you are charged extra for.  And you can use this resource when traveling remotely in area with either expensive internet connections or none at all and not worry about extra charges.  It is a great tool for missionaries or even someone on a one time mission trip.

I hope you will check out the Olive Tree software  Like Laridian, they have Bible and commentary bundles to get you started.  And they have sales all the time, making acquiring additional resources reasonable.  They also offer a great deal of free resources that makes for great reference material.  To me, acquiring additional resources is an investment in my spiritual growth and maturity.  I hope you check it out!  Try it and see if it helps you grow closer to God in your spiritual journey.

The Daily Journey Audio Bible

Are you finding not enough time to read the Bible or you are more of an auditory person, who learns better by listening than reading?  The Daily Journey Audio Bible is an app that reads the Bible to you and also has commentary.  It is available as an iTunes app or on Android devices.  ( , ). You can choose to only have the Bible read or the Bible and then a commentary on the Bible passages just read.  This provides a great way to optimize your time during daily commutes or any downtime.  


Verseminder is a great tool to use for memorizing Bible verses and is by NavPress, leveraging the topical memory system that it has had for years (  It uses a flashcard technique and you rate your memoriztion of the verse.  It also allows you to get hints if you don’t recall the verse.  It tracks your progress and quizzes you on new verses as you master old ones.  A couple of minutes a day with th is software, can help you write God’s Word on your heart.

Prayer Notebook

For those who like to pray for others and have a list going and find their list is getting so long, it is hard to know where to start or where you left off.  And then there is the added guilt that you aren’t getting to everyone on a regular basis.  This is where Prayer Notebook shines.  It allows you to schedule how often you want to pray for all the people on your list.  This allows you to better manage your list.  If someone needs more prayer, adjust the frequency to pop up more often.  You can set alerts as well.  It synchs  up between the iPhone and iPad and the sets alerts for you at a certain time.  I set mine to mostly go off in the morning during my bible study and prayer time in the morning.  But you can have alerts going off throughout the day or in the evening if you wish to pray for someone at those times.  It’s a great way to bring God back into your day and serves as a reminder of care and concern for others and that God is in control.  You can categorize the people, like work, friends, church, family members, etc.  And you can mark them as answered when you feel they have been answered, which is also a great way to go back and review and see how many blessings God has provided.  There are also subscriptions to seven other devotions or prayers, which are free.  Prayer Notebook is for the iPhone and iPad right now.  I’m not sure they have an Android app.  Anyway, more infomration can be found at: .  Check it out!