While I had been reading the Bible and other biblical resources on a daily basis for a good long time, it wasn't until I came across a software product (in August 2010) from Circus Ponies called Notebook, that inspired me to start better organizing my reading and study notes from the various sources from which I read. 

Another reason for distilling this work into one resource, is that I can share it with others.  The Bible is my favorite book.  However, there is so much good information contained in it, that it is a book I plan to study the rest of my life and even then, might not have the full grasp of its contents.  But at least, with the help of the Holy Spirit, and a passion to learn, I will try.

The Bible for many people remains a book that they think was written during ancient times for a world much different than ours today.  Yes, it was written long ago, but being the Word of God, it is alive, timeless and still very relevant for use today.  And there are plenty of books written by great people who help interpret the Bible.  That is what most all of these notes in this resource represent.

I find that starting my day with a reading of the Word helps frame my day better.  It sets my thinking on the right path, using the correct lens (God’s) from which I view the world.  I begin the day very thankful for all the grace God has provided to me and my family.  Also, I approach my reading with a mind less cluttered with the day's activities (daily news or “daily blues” as I refer to them as typically, there is nothing inspiring or uplifting).  I am a morning person, so this works best for me.  However, for those who aren't morning people, then find a quiet time that you can dedicate each day to taking in the Word.  I read the following from Proverbs 6:22 in Crossway Classic Commentaries by Charles Bridges - "It will be a friend when you awake.  Take care that nothing hinders your early conversations with this faithful counselor before the world comes in. This is the best way to keep the world out. "Happy is the mind to which the Word is an undivided companion.”  

I sometimes like to refer to it as seed faith.  I am planting the seeds daily and hopefully, I grow a little bit more spiritually and I continue to change.  Remember that sometimes, small changes in habits over extended periods, can make a world of difference.  And to me, there is nothing more important than enhancing my relationship with Jesus and maturing in my faith, that I may be able to more readily share it with others.

I have tried to quote all my resources at the end of each note, instead of the conventional method of footnoting at the bottom of each page or section.  I also encourage anyone who reads the works of these authors on this site and finds they like many of the notes from a particular author or resource, to go out and buy the resource and help financially support the author, who carved out a large part of their time and life researching and writing their book, article, website or whatever communication medium used.  Many times, it helps provide much better context for the quote and therefore increases understanding.  The same goes for any music that may be quoted in this resource.  To help you track down these resources for purchase, I have included a page listing most all the resources quoted on this site so you can purchase the resource for your own Christian library.

 I once read or heard that knowledge is horizontal and wisdom is vertical, in that it comes from God.  God is the source of all wisdom.  Therefore to seek God's wisdom, read the Bible (as God's Word is filled with the Holy Spirit) and good material that helps interpret the Bible.  Seek His Word through song and Christian music as well.  The more exposure to God's Word that we can put into each of our days, the more we will absorb His Word into our hearts, minds and soul and it become a part of us.  I also understand that we are not to just read, but to also “do" according to the Word and that this is also a path to God's wisdom, as we learn from fwllowship with other Christians and reap rewards for our faith and good works.

While I think that reading, studying God's Word and praying His will is vital to a close relationship with Jesus, if reading and studying the Word are difficult for you (if you are more of an auditory or visual learner) or you can't yet find time, maybe start off your learning by watching online videos, which can be found at:  Also under Online Sermons are both links to video and audio versions.  I included audio as it uses less bandwidth and data on peoples cell phone bill and can be more readily listened to in a car or anywhere at a lower cost of data.

I also tried to incorporate some of my photos with some words on the photo, as I love photography and capturing glimpses of God's great creation.  My photo gallery can be found at:  Others are caught from other resources on the web.

If perhaps you want to print out some of these sections, I warn you that some are relatively long and may require a lot of paper in your printer.  If you don't want to print the whole section, you might try to print a selection or cut and paste it into a MS Word document and print that.

If you find this resource helpful, please pass it along to others who you think may find this helpful.  We are all charged with the opportunity to share God's Word as ambassadors.  And while this resource thus far doesn't yet contain as much of God's Word as I have intended, it does contain information that I find helpful in getting more meaning out the the Bible from resources that are very well researched by many authors and their well written books.  I do hope in the future to place more of God's Word in this resource over time, as the creation of this resource is a passion of mine and why not share the notes from my daily reading, especially if anyone finds it useful.  If you do find it useful, please let me know by dropping me a reply by using the contact tab above.  While I don't care for recognition and reap no financial rewards as I don’t ask for any funding or benefit from the sale of anything off this website, this is something I am compelled to do because of my love for Jesus, it would be nice to know that it is helpful to others.  Also, if you have any suggestions, anything related to Jesus, Christianity and faith, please let me know.  Thanks for your interest and may God bless you the rest of the days of your life!