Site Statistics

As mentioned on the home page, this site is mostly composed of footnoted Bible Study resources I found interesting that I wanted to revisit periodically.  I have organized these resources by topics so I (and anyone else interested) can research deeper into subjects.  And others can research even deeper if they like the information provided by a certain author by supporting that author and buying their book to get even more context.  

While my actual note taking started back in August 2010,  started this website on July 4th, 2014. On July 4, 2015, I wanted to look at some web site statistics to see if this site had been of interest to others, hoping that somehow,  others my find Christ and be touched by the Holy Spirit by some of the material on this website.  Besides being a resource for me, if I can create an interest in Jesus to others who don’t know him or who know him but want to know Him better or have a closer relationship with Him, I hope and pray that this is a useful resource and that they answer the call from the Holy Spirit and accept Jesus as their Savior.  If even one person comes accepts Jesus as a result of my efforts here, then I would consider my work here successful.  But with hope and prayer, I hope many others will find the information useful and that many others will be set on a path to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  This is a personal ministry mission of mine and I would appreciate any comments if you find this web resource helpful or have further suggestion as to topics or format.  I have tried to make it a resource that can be viewed on smartphones as many people around the world don’t have computers and the phone is their only means of accessing this website.

So, lets have a look at the website statistics for the website’s first year:

  • Number of Sessions:  4,565 sessions from 1,155 cities in 101 countries
  • Number of New Users: 3,603
  • 48.6% of the users are from the United States
  • 20% are from Russia
  • 7.2% are from Ghana
  • 4.4% are from Brazil
  • 2.6% are from China
  • Top pages listed by amount of time spent on the respective page