Mission Planning

Introduction - This is a collection of information I have collected from some great resources to try to get my heart and soul ready for an upcoming mission trip.  Hopefully, it will be of use to you as well.  Before we step upon the mission field in exercising the Great Commission, we need to prepare as much as possible.  There are some great resources out there, including some of the books and websites I will reference below.   I have found these resources not just applicable to missioning in foreign cultures, but also very helpful in sharing the God’s Word with anyone who who you might feel you have trouble communicating with.  So, to me, it is helpful as a communication guide to sharing the Word and your faith with anyone!

 I have footnoted these resources and HIGHLY encourage everyone to buy the book to get more context, as these authors have poured a lot of their heart and lives in developing these resources and we need to support them financially.  

Missions - Section 1

Missions - Section 2

Missions - Section 3

Missions - Section 4

Missions - Section 5

Missions - Section 6

Missions - Sample Packing List